Broughton Street Cycleway

Frequently Asked Questions

Project outcomes include:
  • New 1.1km cycleway enabling a continual cycleway from Burwood Park to Queen Elizabeth Park, with the City of Canada Bay responsible to deliver the 0.4km section from Parramatta Road to Queen Elizabeth Park
  • New avenue plantings in Park Avenue with Lophotemon confertus (Brushbox)
  • Reconfiguration of the pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the Burton Street intersection
  • Reconfiguration of pedestrian facilities at the Gipps Street and Parramatta Road intersections
  • Planting of low hedging on street corners
  • Installation of pedestrian amenity lights

To enable the delivery of this regional cycle way project, three street trees along Broughton Street that are in declining health, will be removed. A small number of parking spaces along Goddard Park are required to be removed to retain the significant existing trees. However, there will be no loss of parking along residential frontages.



The three five trees to be removed are located on the western side of Broughton Street between Burton Street and Park Avenue. The three trees are:
  • Eucalyptus Scoparia tree which is in poor health and requires removal to mitigate pedestrian and vehicular safety
  • Ficus microcarpa which is an unsuitable street tree
  • Agonis flexuosa which is in poor health and requires removal to mitigate pedestrian and vehicular safety
The three trees are in declining health and therefore there is no alternate option to retain them. The planting of new Brushbox (Lophotemon confertus) street trees along Park Avenue will offset the environmental impacts of the removal of the above-mentioned trees.
The NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (2016) identifies Burwood-Concord and Kings Bay precinct as population growth centres. These precincts straddle Parramatta Road, the boundary between City of Canada Bay and Burwood Council and have been earmarked for 8,000 new homes to accommodate 16,600 new residents by 2050 in addition to 8,290 new jobs.
From October to December 2015, UrbanGrowth undertook community consultation on the draft Strategy.
Members of the community stated the importance of improving the walking and cycling connections to regional recreation and open space facilities.
The Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Precinct Transport Report 2016 identified that for cycling, greater focus should be placed on prioritising strategic links based on connectivity with regional cycling links. New or upgraded cycling links will provide and improve this connectivity and close missing gaps in the network.
The report proposes the following strategic cycling links:
  • Luke Avenue and Parramatta Road intersection to Burwood Park (via Arthursleigh Street, Shaftesbury Road and Meryla Street)
  • Queen Elizabeth Park and Burwood Park via Broughton St and Neich Parade
  • Park Road between Parramatta Road and Comer Street
  • Comer Street between Park Road and Burwood Road
  • Concord Oval between Parramatta Road and Gipps Street
  • East-west regional cycleway linking North Strathfield to Rodd Point
Depending on the outcomes of the community consultation, construction is anticipated to be undertaken during the 2019/2020 financial year
The community is encouraged to provide feedback on this project and the concept plan during the community consultation period from Saturday, 1 December to Friday, 21 December, via: