Five Dock Streetscape Upgrade Stage Two


The streetscape upgrade is an outcome of the Five Dock Urban Design Study, Council’s and the community’s 20-year vision for the Five Dock Town Centre.
The revised Stage Two concept plan outcomes include:
  • Planting of street trees and shrubs
  • Installation of high quality pavements and street furnishings
  • Improvements to the drainage system
In our experience, streetscape upgrades have provided real benefits to local businesses and residents through:
  • improving the public amenity which makes the centre a more attractive place to visit;
  • implementing a streetscape design which focuses on pedestrian safety through slowing down vehicles;
  • enhancing the environmental, social and cultural sustainability of the place; and
  • retaining and attracting businesses and residents.
Soft Landscaping
> Additional trees and low planting on both sides of Ramsay Road.
> Changes to proposed tree locations on Great North Road due to conflicts with traffic signals and building awnings.
Street Furniture
> Addition of pre-cast concrete seating at trees surrounds.
> Surface treatments changed to align with those used in Stage 1.
> Proposed new kerb buildout on the southern side of Kings Road and in Garfield Street removed to reduce parking loss.
> Proposed new kerb buildout on the northern side of First Avenue shortened to reduce parking loss.
Pedestrian Crossings
> Proposed pedestrian crossing in Garfield Street removed due to RMS requirements.
> Modifications of the crossing at Fred Kelly Place and the extension of the southern median island removed due to RMS requirements.​
Yes, with the addition of concrete seating surrounds around new and existing street trees.
The same bin as Stage One will be installed in Stage Two. Please note, bin locations are not subject to change
Council is anticipating to appoint a civil contractor in late 2018. If a contractor is appointed at this time, it is anticipated construction will commence in early 2019 with completion expected within one year of the commencement date.
The works are funded from s94 developer contributions. Stage Two is anticipated to cost approximately $3.35 million.
Council will be working with local businesses to help in developing a construction schedule which will deliver the least impact to their business operations. Furthermore, with businesses who do not have rear access to receive goods, we will discuss options with you to ensure you receive your deliveries during the construction period.
At all times during construction, business operators, their employees and customers will retain access to each business entrance. In the period of footpath re-construction, the methodology undertaken includes a sectional demolition and replacement of the footpath which enables temporary ground covers and if necessary ramps to enable access at all times to your business.
Council has embarked on this significant project to improve the visual amenity and pedestrian access of Great North Road. The desired outcome is to deliver a streetscape and environment which is appealing to and safe for visitors.
In 2003, Council commenced a streetscape upgrade of Great North Road between Henry Street and Queens Road, which included trialling a new Council initiative resulting in footpath dining shelters designed and installed by Council with cost recovery achieved through an annual rental paid by business operators.
The scheme was and is still unique to the City of Canada Bay’s footpath dining program, as within our other precincts it is the responsibility of the property owner and/or business operator to install their own structures which typically includes a Development Application process.
Over the past few years, some businesses have not been supportive of the Five Dock structures and this has resulted in the removal of several of the structures installed in 2004.
The City of Canada Bay’s current streetscape upgrade provides an opportunity to review the scheme and deliver a better outcome for business operators, their customers, residents and the overall amenity of this town centre.
In May and June 2016, we undertook face-to-face engagement with current footpath dining permit businesses to assist in informing a new Footpath Dining Policy in relation to Great North Road, Five Dock.
All existing structures installed by Council in 2004 are to be removed, providing greater flexibility for business operators. Please refer to Council’s Business Use of the Footpath Policy.
Though the revised concept plan is not significantly different to the original concept plans consulted on in 2015, Council committed to ensuring the City of Canada Bay is an engaged city with effective two-way flow of information between Council and the community and that local decision making is transparent.
During the public exhibition period of Saturday, 1 September to Friday, 28 September, community members were invited to provide their feedback via:
  • completing an online submission form
  • attending the Community Information Session on Monday, 10 September 6pm - 7.30pm at Five Dock Library