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Halliday Park Proposed Public Toilet


Halliday Park is a well utilised recreation space attracting carers and children, bocce players, dog walkers and local residents. In addition, during the year the park hosts several events for the community including the annual Communities for Communities’ Carols in the Park.
The nearest public toilet is located at Five Dock Park which is a 12 minute walk from Halliday Park, which may be an unreasonable distance.
The intent of installing public toilets at Halliday Park is to improve the comfort of existing users. However, there are community members who may avoid utilising this local park due to the lack of public toilet facilities.
The Continence Foundation of Australia states that 20% of Australians experience bladder or bowel control problems. This may prevent members of our community, including the elderly, parents with small children and people with disabilities or medical conditions from actively socialising and using recreation facilities unless they know public toilets are available.
During the community consultation in developing the City of Canada Bay Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021, endorsed by Council on 6 June 2017, participants stated accessible toilets were strong enablers in allowing people with disability to participate in the community.
The City of Canada Bay is committed to providing facilities that enable our community to be active and connected by providing sustainable spaces and places.  This initiative is to assist in enabling our community members to comfortably access this waterfront park without barriers.
The proposed location of the facility has been identified due to the benefits of no view loss to nearby residential properties and for ease of connecting to existing utility services. 
Additionally, this location is adjacent to the walking track and in close proximity to the playground and bocce court.
The advantages to users of self-automated toilets include:
  • a time determined regular self-cleaning mechanism provides a hygienic environment for users
  • a baby change station to meet the needs to playground users
  • access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
The specification and placement of this facility will be in accordance with ‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’ (CPTED) principles. For example, some of the features Council will specify include:
  • Pre-determined maximum occupancy time with an audio warning to the user to vacate the facility.
  • automated locking and unlocking of the facilities at dusk and dawn to coincide with the times that the park is used by the community               
  • an external low-level light for early evening use
  • deterring users from lingering by playing low-level ‘elevator’ music
  • robust design and fabrication to be vandal resistant
  • placement of the toilet is to be adjacent to a public shared cycle/walking path
  • Reduced water use through time flow taps
  • Natural ventilation to reduce power consumption
  • Automated self-cleansing reducing manual self-cleansing costs
Yes, in recent years Council has installed similar self-automated unisex toilet facilities at Fred Kelly Place, Five Dock and Formosa Street, Drummoyne. These facilities are well utilised by the community and provide low-maintenance costs to Council.
This project has been assigned $250,000 in Council’s Capital Expenditure Budget 2017/2018. If supported by the community, the toilet will be installed by the end of 2017.